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We build brands people trust. Our values and ideas bring people and brands together.

Founded in 2018, Trine Info is a Technology powerhouse with a vision of bringing actionable accomplishments to masses. With focused expertise in providing actionable solutions for enterprises and innovative outsourcing services for software product companies, we see ourselves as fellow travelers with our clients on the road to creating enduring value.


We crafted a solutions architecture utilizing best of the breed software company’s offerings, identifying and finding micro needles in today’s enterprise digital haystack. Ours is a very innovative approach in promoting emerging technologies with proven products– to improve the efficiency by a large multiplication factor.

As a company developing, its niche technology expertise has become home to many committed, ambitious and technology savvy professionals. The environment, which provides ample opportunities to embrace multiple tool expertise and responsibilities.


Technology Leadership

Maintaining technology leadership in this rapidly-changing market requires a committed, energized team of people. At Trine Info, we continue to attract the best and brightest due to our energized, dynamic contribution into Information Technology. The exceptional quality of our workforce is a valuable competitive edge. Trine Info attracts individuals with strong character, excellent technical skills and a solid work ethic. Our consultants strive for success and are proud to be part of our team.

Our Approach

At Trine Info , we take a consultative approach, delivering people with the precise skills and knowledge each client needs to fill important positions and solve specific business problems. What’s more, we work to understand company cultures, processes, and team dynamics and hand select pre-vetted and experienced candidates to ensure a perfect match.


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